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During your session:

-JC will measure your present consciousness clarity, vision and potential;

-he’ll uncover the hidden challenges that are limiting you;

-you’ll leave this session with a glimpse of how the Infinite Mind will work through you.

About JC Gordon’s Mind Exaltation & Empowerment Transfiguration Program.

JC Gordon’s Mind Exaltation & Empowerment Transfiguration Program is a personalized coaching process that activates the Infinite Mind to unleash anyone’s untapped infinite mind potential and power.

As the Infinite Mind your infinite potentials will:

    1. Eliminate non-congenital disease and pain,
    2. Reverse the aging process and bring your body back to its ultimate state (between the ages of 23-28) by sub-atomically turning off your d-meson decay mechanism in each and every atom,
    3. Activate your body and minds “immortality gene” so it never dies,
    4. Resurrect every moment of unconditional love that you have ever experienced in your present life so they live forever,
    5. Eliminate disease and pain from every past life you have ever had,
    6. Reverse the aging process from every past life to bring your body back to its ultimate state of between 23-28 years of age.
    7. Activate every past lives “immortality gene” so they live forever,
    8. Resurrect every moment of unconditional love from every past life you have ever experienced,
    9. Kindle the Infinite Mind into the Multiverse’s every life so they can also live in bliss forever like yourself,
    10. Activate your untapped gifts, abilities and powers you never knew you had.

    Testimonial #1

    Forever Grateful

    JC it is with absolute joy that I provide you with a letter about what you and your coaching program has done for me.

    In short it saved my life.

    I contacted you after reading one of your books because what you wrote really resonated with me. I knew it was something I had to do and I am glad I did.

    As you know I had been extremely limited due to my family’s financial privilege and paranoia.

    I was never able to choose anything for myself and was forced to live a sheltered reclusive life with no friends or support. It was drilled into me at a very early age that my role and purpose in life was to maximize the family’s financial worth.

    Before contacting you I felt this was my last hope and if this didn’t work I probably would have committed suicide.

    As you know everything changed for me when just before my thoughts merged with simultaneous time when I met my deceased father who apologized to me for everything he had put me through. This immediately woke me up to unleash as you call it my infinite potentials.

    I have woken up to become all I always sensed I could be but was never able to become. Thanks to what you did for me I now have two wonderful children and a husband who adores me.

    I have never been so happy because instead of hoarding money I started my own foundation and help children who suffer as a result of parental abuse as I did.

    My life has changed in ways I could never have imagined because of your ground breaking work and I highly recommend you are your services to anyone.

    As you know for privacy reasons I have been advised not to use my real name. I hope this helps others become aware of the humanitarian work that you and your foundation do.

    Forever grateful

    Testimonial #2

    Cancer Survivor

    I was told by the doctors at the hospital who was giving me chemo to go home and get my affairs in order as I have about 2 weeks before cancer would run its course.

    At home, reflecting upon my life I picked up a book that my son gave me by JC Gordon that had been kicking about for some time. I thought maybe it could help me on whatever lied ahead.

    I have always been impulsive and when I read it all I could hear was contact them so I did.

    JC recommended I merge my thoughts with the Mindset of Infinite Intelligence because I had nothing to lose. Because of my life or death circumstances JC recommended that I increase the frequency of my sessions with him. It was not until later that he told me it was because he didn’t know if I would be alive long enough to accomplish the goal.

    During each session I felt a strength come to me as I noticed I always had more energy. Then around the 4-week time frame I became one my thoughts merged with simultaneous time. After this I kept telling my wife I’m cured but she thought I was just being delirious.

    Then around the 3-4 month stage after initially contacting JC I went back to my doctor who was really surprised to see me. He told me he thought he misread his chart when he saw my name and I asked to have some more tests done to see where I was at.

    After about a week his office called me back to set up an immediate appointment.

    At the appointment I was told that it appeared that the cancer was in remission and I was told to be careful.

    It is now 3 years later and I am still cancer free. I can only contribute this to merging my Mindset to that of Infinite intelligence’s through the coaching I had with JC.

    My grandchildren call me survivor something that I am very proud of.

    I hope this can help others to never give up no matter how challenging life may be.

    Tom C.
    San Francisco, California

    Testimonial #3

    Church Slaves

    Than you! Thank you! Thank you so very very much for everything you have done in our lives.

    I want to share my story in an effort to let others know there is so much more available in life then we have ever been shown and for me it was through your wonderful books that it finally got through to me.

    As a parent I now realize I did everything wrong and drove my daughter away from me.

    I remember I always tried to make her the perfect little girl that the church would accept as their poster child.

    Then suddenly when my daughter was about 14 she called me and told me she was running away. She had been my total life and now she was gone and I had no idea how to contact her. After 6 years the police were no closer to having any information about her whereabouts or even if she was alive then they were when she left 6 years earlier.

    I had beat myself up every day for 6 years when I came across a book by JC Gordon. It inspired me to call him. His book revealed to me how my mind could become the Mindset of Infinite Intelligence which made absolute sense to me even with my strict church upbringing. It revealed how so much more was available to me then the church had ever told me was possible.

    After merging my thoughts with the Mindset of Infinite Intelligence, I went to the local grocery store and looked up really quick and caught what I thought was a glimpse of my little girl behind the bookstand. I left my shopping cart and ran after her screaming her name. When I went around the corner behind the bookstand there she was crying and saying how sorry she was.

    My heart refused to ever stop from believing I would find her. It was not until I completed THE STEP that my deep rooted insecurities and secrets that I tried to mask through the church left me. I surrendered to the Infinite to bring about the solution whatever it may be.

    I showed my daughter JC’s book and left it to her to do whatever she wanted to do with it.

    She read it and also wanted to complete JC’s coaching program.

    Today we have our own small business that has successfully been running and growing for the last couple of years.

    I have not gone back to church ever since my daughters return and we have never been closer. We both have a clarity and thought oneness that constantly amazes us both. Its as if were in each others mind.

    I hope our story can help others and bring about the happiness, joy and freedom that we feel every moment of every day.

    Thank you JC.
    M & C Smith, Oregon USA

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