Become a change maker!

Certified Consciousness Empowerment Coaches are today’s leading human potential experts because they activate the Infinite Mind consciousness of everything. They unlock their clients consciousness limitations and eliminate all fear and its fear based addictions that has limited us all. When activated as the Infinite Mind velocity reversing potentials will be unleashed which reverse aging, eliminate disease, activate our immortality, create abundance and eternally resurrect all past unconditional love experiences we have ever had.

A career as a Consciousness Empowerment Coach enhances life by allowing anyone the opportunity to activate the Universe’s most powerful force and consciousness of everything to defeat today’s predominant energy of fear and negativity. They activate a co-operative world through an infinite self-sustaining re-generative economy where everyone wins.

Certified Consciousness Empowerment Coaches empower their clients to personally triumph over today’s global debt pyramid scheme that is shutting down economies and causing pain and suffering, to all but an elite few, by unleashing the Infinite Mind that activates mankind’s ultimate well being.

Certified Consciousness Empowerment Coaches have earned the respect to inspire others by remaining balanced and authentic to their cause and purpose. They have harnessed the Universe’s Most Powerful Force to move people in a way that few have ever done. Their work inspires others to realize what inspires them.
In his ground-breaking book Beyond Consciousness, JC Gordon describes why the abundance potential of Certified Consciousness Empowerment Coaches will always be achieved.

“Your role in the energetic transfiguration of money from the dark forces to Infinite Intelligence is imperative…

Infinite Intelligence can only become the driving energy force of money through the efforts of its Consciousness Enhancement Coaches who literally actualize the “monetization of Infinite Intelligence” … The permanence of mankind hinges on the monetization of Infinite Intelligence.”

The 10 leading traits of Consciousness Empowerment Coaches are:

  • They are change makers,
  • They live their passion and what they love,
  • They have a high need for achievement,
  • They see the world in a different way than most,
  • They have a high need for independence,
  • They let their values and passion for exploration guide their life,
  • They are willing to trust their intuition and take greater risks,
  • They have an innate need to be creative and honest and follow their own unique path,
  • They are dreamers that do,
  • They want to make things different and are attracted to issues that improve the world.

Completing the BCM Institute’s “Consciousness Empowerment Coaching Training Program” certifies you to speak, mentor and train any individual, organization or company about the Infinite Intelligence potentials that are waiting to be unleashed by everyone.

The BCM’s Institute’s training includes curriculum, facilitator guides, seminar, workshop designs and handouts – plus all the one on one coaching you require to launch your career as a Certified Consciousness Empowerment Coach.

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