About the Founder

JC Gordon semi-retired in 1994 after a highly successful banking and financial career.

On June 25th, 1996, while semi-retired, he was killed when a chainsaw kicked back and sliced his throat wide open.

During his near-death experience he was revealed the initial thought and wisdom of all that is from the Infinite Mind. It further downloaded him on how everyone’s individual consciousness can be exalted to become the Infinite Mind.

JC is known as the Infinite Consciousness Guru because of his NDE downloads and is dedicated to changing the world by activating the Infinite Mind into the individual consciousness of mankind.

He works with corporate leaders and individuals around the world to help activate the vast unexplored Infinite Mind potentials that are waiting to be unleashed within us all.

JC’s Mind Exaltation & Empowerment Transfiguration Program (MEET) is today’s foremost transformational experience. It activates the Infinite Mind and the Universe’s Most Powerful Force to unlock the untapped infinite consciousness potentials we all have.

Coming soon- His next book – Perceiving Eternity “The Cosmic Law of Everything”