About the BCM Institute

The BCM Consciousness Exaltation Coaching Academy is the virtual training arm of The BCM Foundation. It launches the careers of Certified Consciousness Empowerment Coaches.

Certified Consciousness Empowerment Coaches are today’s leading Human Potential Experts who better their clients lives by merging their consciousness with the Infinite Mind.

They help reduce today’s prevailing energy of fear and negativity that purposely limits all of mankind.

The need for Certified Consciousness Empowerment Coaches has never been greater then it is today.

Both The BCM Foundation and the BCM Institute are non-religious and non-profit organizations.

Consciousness Empowerment Coaches 20 core values are:

  • Unleashing the infinite potentials of the Universe’s Most Powerful Force.
  • A strong awareness and desire to produce significant change on the planet through the unleashing of the Infinite Mind.
  • Emphasizing the importance of developing and maintaining relationships.
  • A love and deep caring for the preservation and natural balance of nature.
  • An absolute desire to support the growing cultural significance of women and minorities.
  • An unbridled optimism towards the future.
  • A disillusionment with how humanity is being limited and controlled.
  • A willingness to spend money on goods and programs that improve the plight of humanity and the environment.
  • Unleashing Infinite Mind actions that connect and better the world.
  • An intense desire to complete the psychological growth consistent with the Infinite Mind.
  • An emphasis on the importance of helping others unlock and develop their Infinite Mind gifts, talents and potentials.
  • A burning desire to unlock, activate and unleash the Infinite Mind.
  • An innate drive to unlock every man, woman and child’s Infinite Mind potentials.
  • Access the Infinite Mind’s future that already exist.
  • A dislike of today’s cultural significance of “making it” “success” and “status” that is based on the size of one’s bank account.
  • A concern that big business’ tactics of generating profits through destroying the environment and exploiting the innocent is wrong.
  • Obsessed with making the Infinite Mind today’s new paradigm of life.
  • Support spending on education and development programs that build a more ecologically sustainable planet.
  • A desire to volunteer for the causes that better humanity.
  • A high desire for continued personal development that helps others.

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