JC Gordon

Beyond the Limits of Consciousness

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used to create them."
Albert Einstein

Unfortunately, everyone is unaware that our limited understanding of time has forced us to experience a limited finite life and existence.

It has made us oblivious to our Higher Consciousness infinite potentials.

When tapped into, our Higher Consciousness unleashes infinite potentials that our Edge Greatness Out (EGO) based consciousness has never done.

Higher Consciousness is our untapped “Power and Force” that far exceeds anything we have ever known.

During JC Gordon’s 1996 near death experience he was downloaded how to beat time by unlocking the Permanence of Infinite Intelligence which activates our Higher Consciousness infinite potentials of immortality, age reversal, disease elimination, abundance, bliss and philanthropy.

Enjoy the journey and boldly go where you have never gone to unleash the future you innately are.


Beyond Consciousness
benefits experienced by others

Since meeting you and hearing you speak at one of your presentations I have awakened. I thought I always was awakened until I went to your talk.

Your wisdom instantly created an eruption of joy that burst free from the pit of my stomach. It has now been over 3 months and my life has totally changed. The feeling has phenomenally grown and manifested itself in ways...

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